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01-May-2016 01:46

In fact, Jeter really only dates gorgeous girls, and at the age of 38, he's got a resum better than the most debonair Hollywood bachelors.

Exactly where does he rate among the Leo Di Caprios, Warren Beattys, and Wilmer Valderramas of the world?

Until, of course, Cobie Smulders ditches her American husband and marries Ryan Gosling and they rule Canada and much of the Arctic for a thousand years, thus fulfilling Alanis Morissette’s ancient prophecy.

So head on down to a Montana’s or a Boston Pizza and raise a La Batt to them, the new king and queen of Canada. As the official Canada Day Couple, they are also now the rulers of Canada.

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"Eva's convinced Rachel is trying to win him back," sources allegedly said.

But suddenly at the middle phase of a making of the movie, the good vibes appeared.

There was change noticed between the duo and they started liking each other. I’m just not getting anything from this.’Well, the Note Book couple Rachel and Ryan are no more together.

Eva Mendes should feel secure in her relationship with Ryan Gosling following their having a daughter together nearly three months ago, but the actress is reportedly banning his contact with ex-girlfriend Rachel Mc Adams as a precaution.

Eva Mendes bans All Contact Between Ryan Gosling & Rachel Mc Adams? All they have to do is get to gabbing about And to have this relationship be announced on Canada Day?? As all Canadians know, and all Americans should know, a purebred Canadian couple announcing their love—or having an anonymous source announce their love for them to an American gossip magazine, same diff—on Canada Day ensures that they will be together forever.

It's startling the first time when you meet someone with a famous face like that.… continue reading »

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