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15-Sep-2016 22:40

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Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life in Los Angels wears on my nerves and I start day dreaming about running away to Little Town USA and starting over. For what I could sell my 4 bedroom, 2 bath house here in L. for, I could literally buy a freakin’ estate somewhere else …. But of course I want to move somewhere gay friendly.

Maybe buying some land, putting up solar panels and buying the water rights to my very own well. almost anywhere else across the country and have a nice little nest egg. I’m more then a little spoiled here in LA, where we have Long Beach to the south and We Ho to the north.

After a lot of thought, I seriously considered Salt Lake City, Utah. Not to mention enough seed money to start up a little business. Well, we were getting all excited about the idea when I started getting in contact with the local GLBT community out there to really find out what it’s like to be gay in Utah. While there are good deals in real estate out there, I’m not about to move to a state where every one warns me to stay within the city limits for my own safety. Not to mention the long list of civil right infringements that go along with being gay in Utah, No thank you.

The unanimous opinion from every gay person I spoke to was, “It’s great out here, we have a strong, vibrant, close knit community. Oh yea, and the laws suck, we have no protections, no rights and you could get fired just for being gay. Apparently, one of the many prices you pay for living in a gay friendly area is sky high real estate prices.

When Harrington returned from Nepal, she met up with Ballinger in California for a climbing road trip.

“I thought it might be a fling, or that things might feel different now that we weren’t in this bizarre and intense situation on a big mountain, but it didn’t,” Harrington says.

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All you need is an email address and a (hopefully charming) username and you’re reading to get creepin’.I can’t pretend making a profile doesn’t make me self-concious, but I will say that it’s better to put yourself out there in almost any way that to sit at home, re-watching , waiting for Mrs. Last week I created a dating profile on each of these sites, and rating apps geared (or accepting) of lesbians based on three criteria: style, amenities, and my personal experience.

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