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D., claims that cutting back on salt can actually prevent you from losing weight.

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She just confirmed via TWITTER that she is going to be doing the choreography for ‘Telephone’.

Laurie Ann also choreographed the music video for Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’.” (@ontd) HEROINES: Hayden has no complaints about her lesbian scenes – “I absolutely enjoyed playing that kind of complicated relationship. I kissed a girl and I liked it.'” E reports that “Hayden admits the new element in Claire’s story has made the series more exciting for her – in fact she can’t wait to get her script each week to find out what she’ll be up to next in the superheroes drama.” (@daily record) ELLEN: The Ellen Show is back on air after a two-week hiatus.

Jillian Michaels is engaged to her longtime partner, Heidi Rhoades — and she has been for months.

On um, being hot, having a cute girlfriend if she is your girlfriend, and being a successful strong woman reinforcing positive healthy habits for the women of the world! TRANS: Korean Actress Lee Na-young, “a symbol of cheery Audrey Hepburn-esque grace and femininity,” will be playing a transgender character in the upcoming comedy “Lady Daddy,” “complete with a necktie and a mustache.” There’s a lot of quotation mark abuse in this article: Photo caption: “In the upcoming movie “Lady Daddy” actress Lee Na-young, left, stars as a transgendered woman who must “revert” to being a man when a boy claiming to be her son comes knocking at her door.” Na-young says she always wanted to play a male character ever since she saw Cate Blanchett play Bob Dylan in “I’m Not There.” She says “that she never questioned her gender identity but was felt comfortable with the shoot because she prefers sporting a boyish style.” “Lee Na-young was still pretty and goddess-like even when she cross-dressed as a man,” complimented her co-star Kim.

“I think I would be able to fall in love with a cross-dresser if she is like Lee Na-young.” SATURDAYS: Do you know who The Saturdays are? Turns out they’re a band from Britain, but for now, all you need to know is they posed for FHM’s February issue.

The Biggest Loser trainer popped the question during the season finale of her E!