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12-May-2016 07:22

The first Lladro trademark was impressed into the porcelain.This mark was used from approximately 1960 to 1963.To proceed with your purchase, click on the Pay Pal Express button to pay by credit card, or if you want to pay by cash, check, money order, click on the "Pay by Check or Money Order" button and enter your shipping information. Welcome to The Prudent Collector where we are pleased to provide you with helpful information on how to date and authenticate your Lladro figurines based on the trademark backstamp or marking.As a result, Europeans fumbled around for centuries making soft-paste or “artificial” porcelain out of white clay, crystalline quartz, and sand.

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Somewhere along the line, the mark was viewed upside down and a beehive was born.

A figurine lacking one of the following marks is quite likely to be a fake or a forgery.

The exception to this rule would be the earliest figurines which were not marked - however these are quite rare.

So should you describe the mark as a beehive and call this porcelain Royal Vienna?

The mark does look much more like a beehive than a shield to the average person, but correct is correct, right?

Well, not if you want to sell a piece through an ad or in the online marketplace.