Curriculum excellence developing consolidating

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The team engaged in an in-depth analysis of the district data and identified the strengths and weaknesses of the current curriculum.

Surveys were distributed to parents, teachers, staff, and students requesting their feedback on the science curriculum. The status quo was maintained in this district because the curriculum team didn't have any discussions on the best instructional practices.

Most recently we have been involved with VIScotland and Grounds for Learning The Importance of facilitating spontaneous and creative play Caroline Standring, G for L, and Dr David Feeney, VIScotland have interviewed pupils and staff (VI and Mainstream) re their thoughts on the following Money has been allocated from Grounds for Learning and together with school funds a wonderful new outdoor classroom and playground environment will be created which will meet the needs of all pupils!

The National Research Council (2005) stated three fundamental and well-established principles of learning, which all teachers should understand and address in their teaching: In their introduction to mathematical understanding, Karen Fuson, Mindy Kalchman, and John Bransford (National Research Council, 2005, pp.

The WTA must state clearly and unequivocally the time available for curriculum development.

It is strongly advised that CD time is explicitly and accurately identified as being a fixed number of hours.

Teachers were teaching many isolated activities, but they were not engaged in the process.

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Ann had spent hours with the team reviewing state and national standards and discussing their implications.

Ann had just completed a long, arduous revision process for a science curriculum, and she was feeling the satisfaction of a job well done.